Hosted Cloud PBX

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based business phone systems include all of the features of an expensive, enterprise-level system without the complex and costly-to-maintain equipment. Our dynamic solution is fully-hosted at our Philadelphia location and backed up to secondary locations In Michigan and Las Vegas.  We are prepared for all eventualities so you don't have to worry.

By leveraging your internet connection and our advanced hosted phone technologies, your organization will save a substantial amount on monthly telephone service costs, without compromising on quality or reliability.

Our service is designed for all types of businesses, large or small. We can meet your demanding requirements, including seasonal businesses, growing organizations with multiple offices, and businesses with a mobile workforce.


  • Keep your existing phone numbers

  • Web portal login

  • Supports Remote & Mobile Employees

  • Easily increase or decrease the size of your PBX as you need

  • Systems are backed up, monitored, and maintained 24/7/365 in redundant data centers

  • Free Lifetime Support

  • Help Desk staff offers support and system administration at no extra charge

  • ​​​Modifications and repairs are included in your monthly service

  • Our team installs, programs, and provides training for each and every CloudWorx system

  • New features are automatically added as they become available

  • Choose phones from different manufacturers to suit your company’s needs

  • Receive your faxes as PDFs in your email inbox 

  • Professional Voice Talent for automated greetings

Need help picking your plan? Contact us and we will help you find a system that works for your business.

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