Stop wasting money on old technology.

Use the cloud for your business phone service to save money and add more features.
Save money on your business phone plan

We sell our phones at wholesale prices with lower monthly rates so that your business can save money and communicate effectively.

How it Works

We use Voiceover IP, a technology that is changing the game in telecommunications. This new tech is more reliable, and saves you money every month.

What is VOIP?

Voiceover IP uses the internet to make a call, instead of old-fashioned phone lines. This makes telecommunications more affordable and efficient.


95% of businesses save money and add functionality with a new business telecom system.

How can we help?

I'm just starting out.

Starting a new business and want to make it sound and feel like a Fortune 500 Company on a start-up company's budget?  We're here to help. We offer affordable phone plans to help turn your small operation into the next big thing.

I'm looking for more.

Running a business but are tired of paying a lot for phone service? Do you want to improve your company’s capabilities while spending less?  We're here to help.

Disaster recovery and backup.

With our technology, your business phone lines will never experience downtime. In the middle of a natural disaster, your phones are backed up by a network somewhere else in the United States. We can even redirect your business number to your cell phone. Don't let phone lines tie you down. With our technology, you can always be there for your customers.

Orthodontic Office
Kingsport, TN
Overhead Reduction

This client was looking to reduce overhead, without losing their accessibility.
They had 6 phone lines and 11 telephones. We were able to reduce their monthly phone bill from $330 /month to $160 /month for an annual savings of $2,040. We also improved their customer satisfaction by removing bottlenecks with a new call flow system. As an extra plus, we renegotiated their internet agreement and saved them 20% annually on
that expense.

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